Tinder (Matchbox) Pitch deck

Match Box is the original name for the globally-recognized dating app, Tinder. Although many dating apps already existed, Tinder overtook the market by gamifying its platform – enabling individuals to swipe left or right to express interest or pass on another user. Match Box’s startup deck is an excellent example of balancing creativity and simplicity to generate investor interest.

What We Like About Match Box’s Pitch Deck

Match Box became Tinder, and Tinder went on to become the most successful dating app ever. However, success started with its pitch deck – and there are several reasons why the slides worked so well.

The slides are simple and minimalistic but use a real-world scenario to explain the problems daters face (fear of rejection) and the solution (Match Box). The pitch deck uses each slide to tell a story, and half of the deck simply includes screenshots of the application. It’s effective because it begins by introducing the customer, showcasing the user’s situation, presenting the solution, and showing how the solution solved the problem – similar to how a book or a movie would play out.

Finally, the last slide shows a transparent monetization model. Many dating apps struggled to generate revenue, but Match Box showed how it would utilize its customer base to create several income streams.

Match Box’s Lifetime Funding

In September 2016, Tinder received an investment of $1.4 million. Since then, the company has participated in three separate acquisitions.