TransferWise (Wise) Pitch Deck

The Transferwise (now called Wise) team founded the company in 2010. Wise, a money transfer platform, allows individuals to send money overseas quickly. The two founders conceptualized Transferwise after trying to remit money and realizing the high associated fees. The same problem they experienced impacted tens of millions of individuals worldwide, and they earned billions of dollars by launching a solution to this common challenge.

What Stands Out in Wise’s Pitch Deck?

We chose some of the prior investment pitch decks for this list based on their approaches to minimalism. But in our opinion, Wise has the perfect amount of text for each slide, providing enough information to understand the concept without overloading the presentation.

The How It Works slide showcases how easily users can send money using the platform. Traditional processes required individuals to visit a bank, fill out documents, and pay hefty fees to transfer money to overseas family and friends. With this slide, Transferwise explains its expedited remittance process in four simple steps.

How Much Did Wise Raise?

When it comes to the best seed pitch decks, Wise is one of our top choices. Using the deck, the company raised $1.3 million in seed funding from IA Ventures and Index Ventures. To date, the company has raised over $1.3 billion from investors.